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Prescott Angus was established in 1950 by Allen H. Prescott. Some of the first Angus cows were purchased from Bon View Farms in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Ken Caryl Ranch in Littleton, Colorado. Now the second and third generations of Prescott Angus, Richard and Michael, are carrying on the tradition of breeding functional females and powerful herd bulls. The Prescott Angus herd contains 100 registered Angus females. The cow herd and most of the private treaty bulls are located at the Mendota, Illinois farm.

The Lincoln, Illinois location is home of the heifer development station. We also have a few private treaty bulls for sale at this location. The heifers are fed a growing ration containing soy hull pellets and MIX 30, The high energy liquid feed. We follow a strict health program and breed the heifers via A.I. to easy calving bulls. Please contact Michael if you are interested in buying replacement heifers or developing your heifers at our facility.


Furthermore, we typically market about 30 bulls through private treaty sales. Over the years, we have sold bulls to Colorado, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Texas and Kansas.

Sim-Angus Program
Prescott Angus is starting a new and progressive Sim-Angus program utilizing the best Simmental bulls in the breed and some of our Angus females. We feel that this cross will benefit our commercial bull buyers as well producing high quality replacement females. We currently have a select number of Sim-Angus cattle available for sale right now. Watch for more Sim-Angus genetics in the near future.

Customer Appreciation
The Prescott family would like to thank all of our customers who have purchased cattle from us over the years. We would like to wish them continued success with our genetics.














Forage Harvesting and Bagging
Richard also provides a custom forage harvesting and bagging service within a 50 mile radius of Mendota, Illinois. Last year we harvested and bagged approximately 400 acres of corn silage and 250 acres of hay.


Prescott Angus


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